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Handmade Soap Bars

Carefully selected, high quality and ethically sourced ingredients are used in our recipes to bring you the gentlest of skin cleansing soaps.  Each bar will provide a rich, bubbly lather that won't irritate or dry out your skin.  

From our most delicate 'Naked Nanny' original colour and fragrance free Goat Milk soap to our super exfoliating and woodsy 'Big Foot' natural soap, there's a bar to suit all preferences.

All of our soaps are suitable for hands, body and face and are mild enough even for a wet shave!  

Suitable for everyone from 36months upwards.

Choose from a large range of colours, textures and fragrances that remain right to the end of the last little sliver. 

Keeping your lovely soap nice and dry between uses will ensure that your

soap lasts for a very long time too.

Most are vegan friendly but we make a small range of 

Goat Milk soaps and 1 with Honey.

All are cruelty free and freshly handmade.

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Bath Bombs and Bath Dusts

Fizzy, foamy, fragrant fun in the tub!

Into a clean tub of warm water, drop a whole bath bomb and watch it fizz and wobble around, turning the water vibrant colours, beautifully fragrant and silky soft.  Shea butter and Sweet Almond oil are added in just the right quantity to leave your skin soft, moisturised and feeling comfortable - not dry or itchy.

With a regularly changing variety of colour, fragrance and styles to select from including a couple that don't have any colour and some that have lots of colour AND glitter!

For those that prefer something a little different, why not grab a pouch of Bath Dust - it's our same carefully formulated recipe that's dried in a loose powder rather than a solid shape - offering you control over the amount of product you add to your (or your little shallow bath bather's) bath.

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Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Powerful little Bars of Shampoo or Conditioner - handmade to our extensively tried and tested recipe.  

This shampoo is perfect for all hair types.  Glide the bar over wet hair and work easily into plentiful baby-soft lather then easily rinse to leave your hair fabulously clean, light and manageable.  There's no transition period or messing around with vinegar rinses as this is not a soap based shampoo so, when your plastic bottle comes to an end you're good to go!

With Organic Jojoba Oil for softness and hydration.

Vitamin Pro B5 to smooth and moisturise

Hydrolised Protein to give strength and body.

Our Conditioning Bars are fabulous on on all hair types too. After washing your hair, stroke this concentrated little bar over the hair and work in - especially towards the ends - then rinse in the usual way to leave your hair manageably conditioned.

With Organic Jojoba Oil, 

pro Vitamin B5, Cold Pressed Argan Oil, Coconut Oil and

Organic Broccoli Seed Oil.

Each little bar is roughly 60 washes. 

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We've carefully selected some items that compliment our products.  

Keeping your lovely soap dry between uses will ensure you have a long lasting bar that isn't slimy.

We are also working with some other lovely makers to bring you handmade items that will compliment your home, meet your soapy needs

and last for years to come.

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